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The LGBTQIA+ youth led podcast seeking to disrupt punitive and exclusionary conceptions of justice by interviewing people in the LGBTQIA+ community who envision justice as healing, creation, and transformation. Co-hosted by Teigh McGee, K McClendon, & Sam Koltes, with audio by Sophie Warrick. Cover art by Mercy Garriga.

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Queer Healing & Liberation Series Transcripts 

episode one

Queer Anti-Violence & Liberatory Healing

Listen to co-host K McClendon (they/them) and Dominique Cowling (she/her), an earth and fire Black femme who is the Healing Justice Program Manager at Community United Against Violence in San Francisco, discuss the resilience of Black, Brown, and Indigenous people, explore the duality of joy and grief, address the nuances of violence, and envision liberatory healing in nature and in community. 

episode tWO

Exploring Prison Abolition

Listen to abolitionists and anti-capitalist organizers Amy Tran and Katie Lee discuss the foundational principles of prison abolition, critique the mainstream “homonormativity” movement, analyze how prisons, healthcare inequities, and capitalism perpetuate violence, and how they define Queer Justice. 

episode THREE

Nuancing Restorative Justice

Join co-host Sam Koltes (she/her & they/them) and Dr. Raj Sethuraju (he/him & they/them) as they discuss restorative justice and its practice, addressing the roots rather than the symptoms of systemic harm, explore the intersectional manifestations of oppression, and advocate for a humanity-centered approach to healing

episode four

Anti-Carceral Suicide Prevention & Restorative Justice

Join Dorothy (they/she), a suicide prevention advocate, and Conner (he/him), a restorative justice practitioner, as they discuss intersectional suicide prevention, community care without police, psychiatric incarceration, how to build safety amongst your pod, and working in the non-profit sector with prison abolitionist values. 


Queer Justice Collaborative

The Envisioning Queer Justice Collaborative is a digital platform that seeks to disrupt punitive and exclusionary conceptions of justice, and uplift people in the Queer community who envision justice as healing, creation, and transformation.


Through research, storytelling, and content curation/creation, we offer resources to bring people together for safer, more inclusive, and liberated communities.

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