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New Art Commission from Cristina Cuevas!

Cristina Cuevas (She/Her/Hers) | Art Commission

The Research Team of the Envisioning Queer Justice Collaborative commissioned talented youth artists to include their art in our Envisioning Queer Justice Toolkit, Policy Recommendations, and LGBTQ+ youth justice circles.

We asked Cristina to select a few quotes from our LGBTQ+ youth justice circles, and draw the reactions the quotes evoked. She selected the following:

  • “I think that [Queer justice] should be community, not corporate." ~ "Tofu", Ramsey County

"I chose this quote because capitalism and corporate companies play way too much of a role in our lives. For the past 4 years I have seen Pride month be taken over by too many corporations who profit off marginalized bodies in order to increase their profit. Communities are what allow us to feel safe, comfortable and be our full selves. When we focus on community and not corporate we focus on everyone, everything, and the future. It's like we are at able to find home" ~ Cristina Cuevas

If you love Cristina's work, please check out her other amazing work on her Instagram!!

Instagram: @Xtinascanvas (For Commissions)

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