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New Art Commission from Tachianna Charpenter!

Tachianna Charpenter (She/Her/Hers) | Art Commission

The Research Team of the Envisioning Queer Justice Collaborative commissioned talented youth artists to include their art in our Envisioning Queer Justice Toolkit, Policy Recommendations, and LGBTQ+ youth justice circles.

We asked Tachianna to select a few quotes from our LGBTQ+ youth justice circles, and draw the reactions the quotes evoked. She selected the following:

  • “Just being able to be alive, I think, is Queer justice" ~ "Nadia", Ramsey County

  • "I think being able to survive… actually I don't like that word, thrive. Have your basic needs met, and be able to live happily and joyfully in the world… [That] feels like justice to me." ~ "Nettle", Stearns County

"I chose these quotes because the ability to thrive and pursue evocativeness resonants with my existence right now. So many of my siblings are having their breath literally stolen from them after spending their entire lives figuratively struggling to breathe. It's not fair. We live in these systems of oppression, sure, but we will never be able to thrive within them. I wanted to depict what happens when you're given the space and support to let your breath grow." ~ Tachianna Charpenter

If you love Tachianna's work, please check out her other amazing projects on her Instagram and Etsy shop!

Commissions: @SaturatedHoney


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