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“Remember to imagine and craft the worlds you cannot live without, just as you dismantle the worlds you cannot live within.”

- Ruha Benjamin

Envisioning Abolition: A Guide on Abolition &


This is a weekly facilitation guide of introductory texts and facilitation activities to learn about abolition and anti-racism. Download the guide today!



Justice Circle Findings &

Policy Recommendations

Learn about the findings and outcomes from community peacebuilding circles with LGBTQ+ youth (12-26) across the state of Minnesota about educational equity, addressing harm, and nuancing "Queer Justice." 

Envisioning Queer Justice:

Study into Action 

This beginner's guide weaves together different strands of Queer marginalization, and offers frameworks, activities, and curated content for folks to build their own political education and awareness on prison industrial complex abolition, restorative justice, transformative justice, intersectionality, equity, and how they connect to Queer movements.

Intersectional Suicide Prevention


Please attribute Dorothy Jiang if using for presentations, and email with any additional questions.